Warner Brothers Studio Tour

The first few nights of our trip we rented a vacation home in Burbank; across the street was the Warner Brothers Studio. On our last day there we did the VIP Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Warner Brothers Studio has been around since the early 1900s founded by brothers Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner. The three oldest brothers were in the theater business already. They owned a movie projector with which they showed films in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1903 they opened their first theater, The Cascade, in New Castle, Pennsylvania. In 1908 they opened the Warner Brothers Studio on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. In the 1960s, Warner Brothers claimed 1905 as its founding date. Since then on Warner Brothers Studios became known worldwide for their many films and shows, having their main headquarters in Burbank, California.

Today Warner Brothers Studio is home to various shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show, Pretty Little Liars, The Middle and Conan but this list goes on and on and on. Warner Brothers is still home to one of the most popular shows “Friends.” Even though the show ended Warner Brothers decided to remember the show by keeping the café where the friends hung out, Central Perk, in which we actually got to see and take some pictures of us sitting on the famous orange couch. Some films that have been filmed at Warner Brothers are Jurassic Park, Superman (Man of Steel), Spider-Man, and Batman, but just as the shows this list also goes on and on…

Below are some pictures I took there with the exception of one (I’m seen in the bottom corner).

IMAG0731Warner Brothers Water Tower

In a matter of minutes this can be transformed from New York to California





IMAG0737Inside the Design Studio


IMAG0733Pretty Little Liars have filmed here

IMAG0738General Lee, Dukes of Hazard






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