Muir Woods National Monument


Various animals can be seen through out the woods. Over 50 species of birds (low amount since some trees drive bugs away) fly around the woods. Silver Salmon and Steelhead Trout swim across the woods. Mammals like the American Shrew Mole can be seen wandering around the woods. The majority of the mammals seen are nocturnal or are known as burrowing animals since they live under ground. The most common animals seen are the Sonoma Chipmunk and the Western Gray Squirrel. Some bears have actually been spotted wandering around the nearby woods. There are also 11 different kinds of bats seen. Sea otters have also been spotted swimming around the lagoon area of Redwood Creek.

We walked around the Muir Woods National Monument not knowing how long it was. At one point we decided to get off trail and later realized that it was a very very very long trail. We would ask people coming from the opposite way if we were almost done and they kept on saying “YES” but we still walked and walked and walked. After the trail walk we did get tired, hungry and thirsty. We did get to see various animals, animals prints on the ground, trees and plants. If we wanted to take a picture of the Sequoia trees the best way to take it was to lay down on the floor, those trees are very tall. Comparing myself to the Sequoia trees I felt small and short, like and ant walking past a person. Even though I got tired I still liked it because of all the different things I got to see. If I go another time I am taking good walking shoes, water, a snack and of course pay more attention to the map.

IMAG0942 IMAG0886
(I chased this cute little Sonoma Chipmunk around
until I got a good picture of it)

IMAG0912 IMAG0924IMAG0887 IMAG0917


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