Fishing in Port Aransas

Fishing with friends and family is a fun way to spend your afternoon. Waiting, waiting and sadly more waiting¬†is not as fun ūüė¶ Knowing that after some time you can catch a fish can be¬†exciting. During this fishing trip only I caught a fish. We did not keep it though since one could not feed our whole group.

Port Aransas is known for many great fishing spots and dolphin watching. Ride the ferry to relax for a minute while you try to spot a dolphin swimming in the deep water.

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Welcome to the Country Life


Wind in your hair and dust in your feet. Walking down that dirt road breathing in that fresh country air. Sunshine being blocked from your face by your cowboy hat. Worn out jeans each and every day. Cowboy boots are your designer shoes. The only Mustang you own is your horse. Working hard is all you know. This is what country living is all about.

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Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Named after Siegfried Fishbacher and Roy Horn, entertainers from Germany, the Mirage Hotel has the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat where you can see different animals like white tigers, white lions, panthers, leopards and bottlenose dolphins.

As you enter the first animals you will see are the bottlenose dolphins ready to gather and entertain a crowd. Every so often their trainers come out and do training sessions with the dolphins. This show is something you do not want to miss. The white lions, white tigers, panthers and leopards live in the Secret Garden. This garden is covered by beautiful green trees ready to hide the sun from you.

The Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat may be small but it is something that people from all ages will enjoy.

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New Orleans

In the State of Louisiana there is a well known city that is home to the 2009 Superbowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints, could it be New Orleans? Yes! This French city is the largest city in Louisiana. New Orleans is known for the birth of jazz music.

In August 2005 New Orleans was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina; over 80% of the city was flooded. New Orleans issued a mandatory evacuation for all residents. Residents day by day take one step at a time to recover after this very disastrous hurricane.

While we were visiting New Orleans the Sugar Bowl between Louisville Cardinals and Florida Gators was going on. People were seen everywhere you turned; everyone showing what team they were going for.

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Sausalito, Califoria

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sausalito is home to over 7,000 residents with most of its resident living in houseboats. (If you don’t live in this area but would like to experience living in a houseboat you can rent one for the weekend). It is kind of chilly with the average high temperatures being 64 and average low temperatures being 51. If you drive in the streets of Sausalito watch out for people riding their bikes or walking. Riding bikes, walking and driving are not the only ways of transportation you can also take the ferry if you feel like enjoying your way to San Francisco. ¬†Sausalito is actually a good place to visit if you are just looking for some time to relax.

I actually went to Sausalito for some days and stayed in a houseboat which was fun and exciting at the same time. The best part was waking up and seeing the sun rise. Some days you can spot sea otters swimming around or just relaxing; they are close enough to see but not close enough to touch (which might be good).  We did walk around the town and got to enjoy the view of the Bay. Far away we could spot the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Aquarium of the Bay

Located in Pier 39 in San Francisco is the Aquarium of the Bay with different sea creatures from areas of the Bay and neighboring bodies of water. There are over 50 species of sharks, as well as many stingrays, eels, and other aquatic animals. The aquarium is divided into 3 parts: Discover the Bay, Under the Bay and Touch the Bay.

Discover the Bay
It contains satellite tanks with Moray Eels, Bay Pipefish and other sea animals.

Under the Bay
The largest exhibit in this aquarium, which has over 300 feet of tunnels, contains thousands of aquatic animals and other sea creatures is also a recreation of the Bay.

Touch the Bay
You are allowed to touch Bat Rays, Leopard Sharks, Sea Stars and Sea Cucumbers.

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San Francisco

The famous Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street are two things you have to see if you are in the San Francisco area. Driving through the Golden Gate Bridge was scary and exciting at the same time. We weren’t able to drive through Lombard Street since we had a big vehicle and most small vehicles were having trouble driving through this street. I actually went around looking for the¬†Full House¬†show house which is fake like most show homes. The homes in San Francisco are so close to each other that I actually felt if I would stuck my head out the window I would be in the neighbor’s house but good thing ¬†we stayed in a yacht in a nearby city so I didn’t get to experience that. ¬†We did ride the cable cars around the town, which was fun. I liked the wind in my hair while enjoying the idea that I didn’t have to walk through those hills.

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Universal Studios Hollywood


We actually went on a Monday to Universal Studios Hollywood trying to avoid the long lines and bought the front of the line pass so we didn’t have to wait. We did all the rides and got to see most of the shows. In some shows were able to go behind the scenes; the shows were¬†Universal’s Animal Actors (which we took pictures with Delgado from Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Kevin from The Proposal) and WaterWorld¬†(which they showed us how they did some of the stunts). We also did the Studio Tour where we went behind he scenes of where shows and movies are filmed (just like the Warner Brothers Tour). In the tour we got to see where The Voice is filmed, which at the time they were doing auditions. We felt like if we were in the Bates Motel with Norman Bates (Psycho)¬†and if we were in Amity Island looking out for sharks popping out of the water (Jaws).¬†When we left Universal Studios we walked around Universal CityWalk Hollywood (which is right outside) and got to see Jay Leno interviewing people for his show.

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Muir Woods National Monument


Various animals can be seen through out the woods. Over 50 species of birds (low amount since some trees drive bugs away) fly around the woods. Silver Salmon and Steelhead Trout swim across the woods. Mammals like the American Shrew Mole can be seen wandering around the woods. The majority of the mammals seen are nocturnal or are known as burrowing animals since they live under ground. The most common animals seen are the Sonoma Chipmunk and the Western Gray Squirrel. Some bears have actually been spotted wandering around the nearby woods. There are also 11 different kinds of bats seen. Sea otters have also been spotted swimming around the lagoon area of Redwood Creek.

We walked around the Muir Woods National Monument not knowing how long it was. At one point we decided to get off trail and later realized that it was a very very very long trail. We would ask people coming from the opposite way if we were almost done and they kept on saying “YES” but we still walked and walked and walked. After the trail walk we did get tired, hungry and thirsty. We did get to see various animals, animals prints on the ground, trees and plants. If we wanted to take a picture of the Sequoia trees the best way to take it was to lay down on the floor, those trees are very tall. Comparing myself to the Sequoia trees I felt small and short, like and ant walking past a person. Even though I got tired I still liked it because of all the different things I got to see. If I go another time I am taking good walking shoes, water, a snack and of course pay more attention to the map.

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