Ashley Cassandra Villarreal

I remember you as a little girl trying to imitate what I would do. But now you’ve grown up into a beautiful young girl. Being your own person is all you know. You are beautiful, don’t you ever forget that. Sometimes you fall but I’m there to catch you. When you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m there. Every summer turns into an adventure with you and I. We are weird and crazy at the same time. Even though we fight we still say “sisters fight.” We combined our name to PRASH. All we know its you and me and me and you. Nobody gets our late night movie watching or this year with Boy Meets World. When we watch movies we laugh in the parts that aren’t funny and cry in the parts that aren’t sad, but we don’t care because that makes the movie better.

Sweet Cousin

Sweet cousin, with a beautiful smile,
Like your unique and very cool style.
You’re not only sweet and kind,
Shoes on sale, you can find.

Animal lover, I must say,
With cute puppies, you love to play.
Helping others, unselfishly act,
Beautiful features, always attract.

Playing music, deep in your soul,
Ambitious lady, more than one goal.
As a person, you openly grow,
About life, there’s so much you know.



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