Hector & Francisca Saenz 45th Anniversary

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La Sal del Rey

Located in South Texas, La Sal del Rey is the perfect place to spend the day with friends and family. Explore nature while walking along the mile long trail to reach the lake and sink your feet in the salt waters.


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NASA: Johnson Space Center

Have you ever wondered what you are looking at when you catch a glimpse of the sky? If it isn’t very cloudy you get to see the shining stars. Which brings one question to your mind, how many stars is there out there? This is a question we really don’t know the answer too, but Jehovah God does. You try to see Mars or the Milky Way with just your eye, but get disappointed soon after since this is not possible. NASA has taken care of this job for us, by creating telescopes and sending Astronauts to space to take pictures of what is out there.

Recently I visited Johnson Space Center in Houston, I did not know what to take a picture of first. I also couldn’t make up my mind of where to start this journey first. Sadly it started in the gift shop, but soon after my adventure began. The only thing crossing my mind when seeing all the pictures of space was, “How amazing is all this that Jehovah God created.” I repeated over and over the first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1 which reads, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

We saw different videos that taught us how many things are done, from building a shuttle to how they take pictures of the space. We took a tour around NASA which showed us where Astronauts train before heading to space. It takes months of training before they are ready.  There was something to do for people of all ages.

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Seth and Sabrina Class of 2014

Congratulations Class of 2014 Seth and Sabrina. You all have finally finished one chapter of your life and are about ready to open a new one. Everyone is so proud of you two and all your hard work. Keep it up! What you did in High School is done, what you will do now has just begun.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
-Maria Robinson

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Ashley Cassandra Villarreal

I remember you as a little girl trying to imitate what I would do. But now you’ve grown up into a beautiful young girl. Being your own person is all you know. You are beautiful, don’t you ever forget that. Sometimes you fall but I’m there to catch you. When you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m there. Every summer turns into an adventure with you and I. We are weird and crazy at the same time. Even though we fight we still say “sisters fight.” We combined our name to PRASH. All we know its you and me and me and you. Nobody gets our late night movie watching or this year with Boy Meets World. When we watch movies we laugh in the parts that aren’t funny and cry in the parts that aren’t sad, but we don’t care because that makes the movie better.

Sweet Cousin

Sweet cousin, with a beautiful smile,
Like your unique and very cool style.
You’re not only sweet and kind,
Shoes on sale, you can find.

Animal lover, I must say,
With cute puppies, you love to play.
Helping others, unselfishly act,
Beautiful features, always attract.

Playing music, deep in your soul,
Ambitious lady, more than one goal.
As a person, you openly grow,
About life, there’s so much you know.

by AnitaPoems.com


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